VHF license

On every ship with a VHF radio, at least one person must be in possession of the VHF Basic Certificate. The VHF radio increases safety on ships and is very useful for finding a berth or contacting lock and bridge keepers. This VHF certificate is also valid to use the worldwide AIS (Automatic Identification System).


Boat license 1 & 2

You usually start with license 1. This is the common boating license for pleasure craft. With this license you can sail all types of ships, provided they are no longer than 25 meters. There is no maximum horsepower, but the permitted sailing area is limited. With license 1 you can sail on all rivers, canals and lakes, but larger waters such as the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer require the additional license 2.


Powerboat level 1 & 2

Whether you want to learn to sail a motorboat or you want to refresh your knowledge and skills with regard to sailing a motorboat, you can do it with the powerboat level 1 & 2 course. Both courses can be taken without previous knowledge or skills. The powerboat training has been developed for different age groups, abilities and objectives.


Offshore and onshore training. Quality training for boating professionals.

Raynautic is built on experience. We all have years of experience with RIB’s and navigation. We want to share our knowledge and skills with our professional colleagues. Experience and skills are essential for safe and effective navigation with a RIB. We offer you professional training to learn new RIB skills and manoeuvres. With our courses, you will be ready for optimal performance on the water.



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