Professional RIB’s

Specialty, custom-made RIB’s for professionals. Raynautic’s clients include the military, customs, oil and offshore companies, harbours and search and rescue organizations.


Raynautic’s professional RIB’s. Reliability and performance at the right moment.

Our clients use our vessels under the most extreme conditions known to men. In those circumstances, performance and quality are of utmost importance. Raynautic will ensure that you have right equipment, at the right place, at the right time.

We help numerous organizations with finding the right vessel or workboat for the job. Our customers can be found in different industries like offshore, oil, government, military or leisure. They all can count on our expertise when it comes to choosing a RIB, fleet composition or vessel maintenance.


ProMarine’s RIB boats. Quality through experience.

Raynautic has a long history with RIB development for professionals in cooperation with ProMarine. ProMarine has been one of the main suppliers for the professional market within The Netherlands and abroad for many years. ProMarine has experienced technical experts who know all the ins and outs of RIB’s. Therefore they can meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals. They know what details make the difference in high stress situations.


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