Luxury RIB’s

Scanner’s luxury RIB’s. Extraordinary performance, style and quality.


High performance, luxury RIB’s.

Raynautic offers an exclusive collection of high quality RIB’s. The RIB’s distinguish themselves by offering high performance, comfort and detailed finish. At Raynautic we try our hardest to help you select the RIB of your dreams. Whether you enjoy speed or a relaxing day in the sun. We are passionate to help you make the best choice.


Scanner RIB boats. Special boats for special people.

Scanner RIB’s are manufactured in beautiful Italy. The RIB’s from Scanner strike a perfect balance between design, seaworthiness, speed, functionality, versatility and safety. Scanner’s marine heritage has been proven very valuable. Scanner RIB’s have been tested under rough circumstances by the most professional and demanding people of our planet. People from the military, offshore companies, customs or coastguard have tested these machines to the limit. These experiences are used by Scanner to design the best boats with the best materials. Made in Italy with passion.


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