About Raynautic

Raynautic is built upon experience. We have seen hundreds of boats inside and out and experienced thousands of unique situations on the water. Our demanding customers learn us more about the business every single day. Thanks to this experience, knowledge and our passion, we know what details make the difference on the ocean. We know the meaning of real quality.


For the love of boats and water.

Our love for the profession has resulted in a wide range of different services. The RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and the water are always central. We rent these vessels for events, security, nautical services on the water or as a stand-by or safety boat. In addition, we provide advice from our office and training center on the purchase of these boats and we teach sailing professionals new skills. We supply luxury RIB boats from Scanner and custom RIBs for the professional market such as military, oil companies, harbour companies and rescue associations. We can also be used for yacht transport and boat transport up to 3500 kg. For the lessons & courses we often work together with FMTC, KNRM, Customs, Fire Brigade and Police. We ensure safety on and around the water.


Raynautic and you.

We strive for excellence in anything we pursue. With an enduring passion for boats and water. We are happy to help you with our expertise and years of experience. However special or complex your question is, we will provide a suitable solution.


Raynautic. Excellence where air meets water.


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