About Raynautic

Raynautic is built upon experience. We have seen hundreds of RIB boats and experienced thousands of unique situations on the water. Our demanding customers learn us more about the business every single day. With our experience, expertise and our passion we know what details make the difference on the ocean. We know the meaning of real quality. We would love to tell you more about it.


For the love of RIB’s and water.

Our passion has led to an extensive portfolio of products and services. In the middle of it all are two main drivers: the RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) and the water. We deliver our RIB’s and services to a large collection of customers. Be it oil companies, offshore companies, harbour businesses, military or rescue associations. We provide solutions that matter.

For the leisure market we offer thrilling events to businesses and host events for families and friends, like bachelor parties. From our office and training centre we provide information for RIB purchases, fleet composition and enhance the navigation skills of professionals.


Raynautic and you.

We strive for excellence in anything we pursue. With an enduring passion for boats and water. We would love to help you with our experience and expertise.


Raynautic. Excellence where air meets water.


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