Luxury RIB’s

Scanner’s luxury RIB’s. Extraordinary performance, style and quality.

Raynautic. Making life interesting and exciting.

Professional RIB’s

Specialty, custom-made RIB’s for professionals. Raynautic’s clients include the military, customs, oil and offshore companies, harbours and search and rescue organizations.

Reliability, performance and effectiveness.


High-quality purchase advice for RIBs and training for boating professionals.

Experience & knowledge, a perfect mix.

RIB Rental & Events

Rental of quality RIB’s for professional use and leisure. Raynautic organises exhilarating events for businesses, leisure and bachelor parties.

Time flies when you’re having fun

Exclusive: Scanner ENVY 920

Coming soon to Raynautic: the Scanner ENVY 920 (Model 2015)

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New: Scanner ONE 888

Now also available: new Scanner ONE 888. Watch it in the video.

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Project delivery's

See above our latest results of one of our Special RIB projects.

Pure strength and reliability

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